Creating Sponsorship Opportunities at Sports Events & Venues

Integrating sponsorship opportunities throughout your sport venue or event drives visibility and awareness for your sponsors’ brand while elevating the live sports experience. Find out how!

The sports marketing industry in North America has an estimated value of about 100 billion dollars! In 2020, a 30-second Super Bowl spot cost advertisers approximately $5 million!

What is it about sports marketing that has brand managers queuing up to sponsor events, brand team merchandise, and advertise at live sports venues? It's about customer engagement! 

Engaging customers is the primary objective of marketers—and it's not an easy task. Customers are inundated with promotional messages, and they are becoming increasingly immune to them. 

Marketers constantly look for innovative ways to engage customers, catch their attention and evoke emotion in them. 

The excitement of live sports is a fabulous way to engage sports fans. In the US alone, more than 150 million people watch a minimum of one live sports event each month. Sports marketing has grown immensely over the last couple of decades. No longer are we talking about just brand endorsements or product placements. A range of branding elements is now available in live sports arenas, on the field, in stadium interiors and on team merchandise. 

0Visual Communication at Sports Venues Builds Brand Loyalty

Visually engaging graphics accompanied by a sponsor's logo and messaging create a powerful response by appealing to sports fans' emotions. When attending a live sports event, fans are exposed to the sponsor’s messaging, which reinforces and improves brand recall. 

Through these consistent visual cues, a positive association between the brand and the live sports experience is developed. Fans will remember the experience and emotionally connect it with the sponsor’s brand.

0Graphics & Signage at Sports Venues

Live sports venues, events and tournaments provide many opportunities for marketing of complementary brands. Sponsorship opportunities that are incorporated into stadium branding, interior branding, event or city dressing, are all useful for promoting products and services. 

The Look Company handles all aspects of stadium branding, including graphic signage for concourses, field-of-play, premium seating and VIP areas and suites, custom entrance gates, ticket offices, retail kiosks, or team and business operations.

0The Look Company: Expertise with Stadium Branding

Innovative display solutions, vivid graphics, and immersive visual communication drive home the ultimate sports experience for fans. Branded areas with printed fabric signs, custom framing solutions, flags and banners, both inside and outside of sports venues, all contribute to a lasting memorable event. 

Here's a quick look at some of the elements that can be integrated into your environment:

  1. Banner stands: Custom banner solutions for free-standing displays throughout the venue concourses and operations areas. Commemorate a team success, promote a contest with free standing displays, or create pop-up informational kiosks with free giveaways to increase brand awareness.

  2. Flags and curbside signs: Promote the home venue, players and teams, or sponsors through highly visible printed fabric and semi-permanent, weighted-base fiberglass poles.

  3. Floor decals: A combination of high-strength and non-slip laminate, to resist daily wear and tear through high traffic areas. Use throughout sporting event concourses, stairwells and courts or in outside venues such as hotels or conference centers, if the event is located at multiple locations.

  4. Building wraps & big hits: Large-scale, exterior, building façade graphic wraps or cascading graphics on outer facing walls. Built to sustain the elements, building wraps and bit hit graphics can be used for product launches and sponsorship campaigns at high-profile events.

  5. Fence scrims:  Useful for crowd control at multi-sport tournaments, stadiums, and athletic fields, our fence scrims fit any fence size or height. Leverage them for advertising, sponsorships, directional or identification wayfinding systems.

TLC: An Award-Winning Print Partner for Your Sports Marketing Strategy

As an award-winning print partner, we have produced graphics and visual engagement solutions for stadiums in the Canadian Football League, Canadian Premier League, and U Sports. We have worked on large-scale projects including the 2010 Olympics, the FIFA Women's World Cup, the Pan Am Games, World Cup of Hockey, Major League Baseball events, National Hockey League Outdoor Games, the Canada Games, G7 Summit, Calgary Stampede and several other global sports events. Flip through our Sports Lookbook for a rundown on our visual engagement solutions for sports.

The Look Company offers innovative visual engagement solutions to bring your brand into prime focus at live sports arenas. Get in touch with us today and turn those sports fans into your brand advocates!