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FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™

As the Official North American & Central American Dressing and Signage Provider of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, The Look Company has the unique opportunity to assist FIFA sponsors and partners in activating their brand sponsorships with award-winning visual engagement solutions.

Brand Activations

Activate your brand and connect with your audience with visual engagement solutions. Create branded events, immersive environments and highlight sponsorships for both indoor and outdoor applications.
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Indoor Solutions

Increase engagement and visibility with immersive environments. Transform indoor spaces into unforgettable brand experiences with bold graphics, lightboxes, and innovative display solutions.

Outdoor Solutions

Capture your audience's attention with unique outdoor environments. Activate your brand or sponsorship with temporary pop ups, building wraps and facades, and fence scrim.


Transform city streets, events and parking lots easily with our patented Flagtrax system. Convert flagpoles into brand opportunities with flags and banners that can be raised and lowered safely from the ground.

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Our visual engagement solutions help brands get noticed. We deliver award-winning visual engagement solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications.
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