Attract Holiday Shoppers with SEG Fabric and Frames

Create excitement in your store with seasonal retail displays using SEG fabric and frames. Easily changeable, modular display systems can transform any retail space.

The countdown to Christmas has begun! It's that time of the year when retailers go head over heels to lure mobile phone-obsessed passersby to walk into their stores with attractive seasonal retail displays and decorations. As a time honored tradition, every bit of effort pays off. The sentiment rings true that when you invest time and energy into decorating your retail space for each season, you create energy and excitement around your store.

Create stunning seasonal themes with SEG fabric and frames

Visual merchandisers need flexible, easily changeable display systems that can move from autumnal themes to holiday cheer—and then on to a winter wonderland for the New Year!

Modular display frames with printed SEG fabric from The Look Company are engineered for simple setup and super-fast changing out of graphics. Create vignettes, integrate lit and non-lit components, and even digital screens—the possibilities are endless!

SEG Fabric and Frames Transform Your Store Into a Retail Destination

Come December, holiday-themed graphics on high-quality SEG fabric will help draw in tired, cold shoppers. When you create a warm, inviting scenery using in-store themed displays, you entice walk-in shoppers to tick a few items off their list in your store!

The Look Company specializes in silicone edge graphics (SEG) printed on special tension fabric using dye sublimation printing. As the fabric is pulled taut over the frame, it creates a borderless, edge-to-edge look that's bold and attractive—ideal for seasonal promotions. Additionally, the printed fabric panels stay wrinkle-free and smooth. They naturally absorb light to reduce glare and deliver a stunning visual experience.

Keep your retail space fresh and updated with seasonal specials with SEG wall-mounted graphics, window displays, full wall treatments, and pillar wraps.

Creating the Magic of Christmas with Lightboxes and Printed Graphics

There's a simple formula to work in that holiday cheer into your visual merchandising strategy!

Warm and cheerful lighting, holiday-colored signage and banners, attractive Christmas props or characters to weave a story, and well-designed wayfinding signage that catches the eye of your audience!

TLC offers lightboxes in custom shapes and sizes, giving you the creative freedom to design stunning displays. Backlit lightboxes can be either hung from the ceiling, freestanding on the floor or wall-mounted, creating a truly immersive shopping experience. Our thinnest 50mm lightbox can be integrated into product display units without reducing the shelving area.

You can wrap entire pillars or dress up walls from floor to ceiling using our seamless dye sublimation printed banners with photographic quality prints.

Floor Decals and Wayfinding Signs Guide Shoppers to Key Areas in Your Store

Once shoppers walk in, use printed wayfinding signage to guide them—and don't forget the floor! Floor decals are one of this season's top tips to direct shoppers to a seasonal promotion or draw their attention to a new product release. We use a combination of high-strength vinyl and non-slip laminate for floor decals so they can resist wear and tear even when there's heavy foot traffic in your store during the holidays.

Ideas to Dress Up Your Store for the Holiday Season

The holiday season gives you so many attractive graphic styles to choose from! Here are some that are ideal for the holiday season:

  • Think wall-mounted high-impact graphics in traditional Christmas colors of red and green with vintage icons or themes.

  • Maybe your brand voice resonates with minimalistic fabric-printed banners: Chic, elegant, neutral. Keep it about the holidays – about luxury with glitter and gold, and remember: a white winter wonderland never goes out of fashion.

Do you have an interesting brand story to tell? It always pays to be bold – well, at least in the world of retailing! Move away from the traditional, if that's the nature of your brand. Pick a theme and weave a story around your brand.

Finally, Make it Memorable!

Create holiday memories for shoppers! The holidays are about family and friends, warmth and good cheer. They're about meeting up, catching up, spending time and creating memories. So give shoppers a chance to have some fun at a selfie station in your store! Everyone loves a photo-op while shopping. And when they share those photos, your brand will get an added social boost. 

And that's all it takes to transform your store into a shopping destination for the holiday season!

The Look Company: Creating Visual Engagement Using SEG Fabric and Frames

The Look Company has received multiple international awards for print quality from FESPA and the Premier Print Awards for excellence in quality, creativity, and innovation from the Printing Industries of America Association.

We utilize state-of-the-art printers, manufacturing, technologies and industry specialists. With our network of experts, we can execute seasonal retail display projects of any scale, anywhere.

Talk to us for seasonal visual engagement solutions using state-of-the-art lightboxes and immersive retail signage using SEG fabric and frames.