How Visual Displays Help Car Dealerships Enhance the Buyer Experience

Car dealerships drive more sales, enhance customer experience, and reinforce quality perceptions with visually engaging showroom designs. Find out more.

Have you noticed how you can tell a lot about a family if you watch them closely as they pile in or out of their family car? It's true! A car gives away a lot about its owner. You can make fair assumptions about their lifestyle choices, how socially and environmentally conscious they are, and maybe even the size of their family! Is it a luxury car or a functional ride? Is it a racy sports car, a brawny SUV or a reliable hatchback?

You Are What You Drive!

In most modern societies, a car is one of the most significant possessions of young, aspiring adults! A car is a lifestyle choice—and buying a vehicle is a well-thought-out decision—usually, a dream come true! That's why we like to say that when customers walk into a car showroom to test drive a car, they are not in 'buying' mode, but in 'dreaming' mode! 

People buy cars that fit in with their lifestyle—or their aspirations of a lifestyle. A car is a promise of that lifestyle for which they aspire. So when they open the door of their dream car for the first time, they see in their mind's eye what their life will be like once they own this car!

The Importance of Displays and Aesthetics in Car Dealerships

The car is almost all about the brand! 

Advertising creates a picture in the minds of consumers about the personality of each car model—and that is perceived as an extension of the car owner's personality. 

Is your car  showroom designed to make your customers feel that their aspirations are about to be fulfilled? An inviting, modern, and well-organized retail space is key to influencing automotive sales. 

Your car showroom must reflect your customers' aspirations and emotions. Its layout, design, ambiance, and aesthetics are crucial factors that can make or break your car sales process. It's not what you say to your customers but how your showroom looks and, more importantly, how it makes them feel. 

Let's look at a few aspects of your car dealership display and signage that affect car sales:

1. Showroom Window Displays & Storefront Signage

Storefront signage must impress and engage prospective customers the moment they enter your car showroom. The newest and latest models are usually featured right at the entrance synchronized with the brand's advertising campaigns. Thematic displays that bring out the key features of the model are popular and have excellent recall. For example, do you remember an SUV displayed at an uphill angle to showcase its ability to negotiate harsh terrains?

2.  Immersive Display Graphics that Capture the Imagination

Stunning, photographic-quality imagery and immersive displays capture the attention and imagination of walk-in visitors. 

  • Wall-to-ceiling immersive printed displays create the ambiance that goes with the brand or the lifestyle promised by the specific car model you are promoting. The Look Company specializes in dye sublimation printed large-format banners and wall coverings that are perfect to depict the lifestyle your car brand promises.

  • Stunning backlit displays create a sense of exclusivity and reinforce the identity of the brands you are showcasing with powerful imagery, striking colors to complement the brand, and lighting that draws attention to a focus concept. TLC's custom lightboxes elevate the brand experience and enrich your customer's buying journey.

  • Eye-catching graphics displaying promotions and special offers are practical sales tools. Draw attention, create urgency to book that car before the promotion runs out, emphasize scarcity—and get customers to book that limited edition model while it lasts!

Informative displays with car specifications and features are essential as customers wander around the shop floor, studying the specifications of different models. TLC's modular display stands and integrated millwork solutions have custom-designed graphic components purpose-built to fit your auto showroom floor space. They are an innovative way to feature accessories and add-ons for car models. 

3. Appealing Visual Displays Help You Sell More Cars!

By using strategic visual merchandising, well designed car dealerships can turn prospects into buyers. It creates an engaging ambiance that reflects a particular lifestyle which the car promises to fulfil.

Immersive displays and graphics elicit an emotional connection between the buyer and the cars on display. They influence the purchase decisions by impacting the buyer's perceptions of the trustworthiness and professionalism of the brand. Graphics have the power to reinforce brand image, enhance recall, and draw prospects back for a second look—or a test drive.

The Look Company helps car dealerships create the perfect customer experience, enhancing brand awareness, reinforcing quality perceptions, and ultimately driving more sales. 

Talk to us for custom solutions to 'drive' up your car sales!