Types of Lightboxes & Where You Should Use Them

Lightboxes in retail environments catch the attention of customers and highlight featured products and brands. Light up your brand with lightboxes!

Engaging customers in your stores is good for business. Not only can you extend dwell times, but also highlight featured products and brands. Customers are more likely to interact with displays that catch their attention. What better way to do so than to light up the message visually through graphic lightboxes located in key locations throughout your retail establishment?

What Are Lightboxes?

Lightboxes consist of a printed graphic lit up from the back or side by LEDs housed in a metal frame or extrusion. The result is an eye-catching, bright image that attracts the attention of viewers. Unlike traditional signage which typically uses outside light sources to highlight an image from a distance, lightboxes themselves become the illuminated brand image. They increase viewer engagement by standing out amongst non-lit graphics as well as interior store lighting fixtures and systems.

Where Should You Consider Using Lightboxes?

With unparalleled print resolution, our fabric tension graphics and aluminum extrusions can light up any space whether it’s for retail, sports or events. These types of facilities have used lightboxes to increase customer or audience engagement by illuminating brand images and messaging in:

  • Specialty stores

  • Multi-store chains

  • Auto showrooms

  • Department stores

  • Restaurants

  • Conference centers

  • Health clubs

  • Offices

  • Grocery stores

  • Meeting rooms

  • Public transit

  • Hotels

  • Stadiums

  • Airports

  • Arenas

  • Schools

  • College and universities

  • Theatres

What Sizes of Lightboxes Are There?

We offer a wide range of lightbox solutions including:

  • 36mm (1.5") One-sided Light Guided Plate (LGP)

  • 50mm (2") One-sided, BackLit

  • 75mm (3") One-Sided, Backlit

  • 100mm (4") One-sided, Perimeter Lit

  • 100mm (4") One-sided, BackLit

  • 120mm (4.5") Two-sided, Perimeter Lit

  • 120mm (4.5") One or Two-sided Corner Lightbox Pillars and Halos

Where Are Lightboxes Effective in Retail Environments?

Integrated Into Existing Display Fixtures

Build lightboxes into your existing display fixtures or design custom displays using our 50mm (2") modular display system. Highlight your brand or products by offsetting the non-lit components of your display with back or perimeter lit graphic lightboxes.

Ceiling Hung Identification Signage

Suspending a Corner Lightbox or Double-Sided Lightbox from the ceiling creates a dynamic primary identification sign that can be visible from multiple angles. Utilize the space above shelves for an uninterrupted sightline to define and direct customers to departments, sections or specific brands. 

Window Displays

Window displays that are designed with lightboxes appeal to customer traffic outside the store. Grab your customers' attention and invite them into your immersive environment. With easy graphic changeouts, change the look and feel of your window display to keep your design fresh and new.

Pillar Wraps

Cover up structural beams or pillars with lightboxes to add brightly lit branded messaging throughout your space. These elements can help create a cohesive retail experience by repurposing architectural features that would otherwise be non-lit.

Fins & Toppers

Sometimes all you need is a little bit of light at the top or extruding out of your display to capture the attention of browsing customers. Lightbox fins and toppers are an ideal way to help extend existing brand space on merchandising systems. Incorporate lightboxes into slat wall systems, shelf units, or projecting from walls.

Freestanding & Table Toppers

Provide visual cues for shoppers by placing moveable freestanding lightboxes in product displays or along high-traffic aisles. By adding lightboxes in these areas, you can help customers identify products on racks, on stands or in departments. 

On the Wall Treatments

Use graphic lightboxes on your walls to tell a brand story or as a secondary lighting source to illuminate your retail space. Build lightboxes into arches or across the ceiling of your store to create a warm, alluring environment for your customers.

Top of Wall Runners

Top of wall runners finish unused space above merchandising racks and fixtures. As a low-cost décor solution, top of wall runners designed with lightboxes can be a great alternative to expensive finish carpentry or traditional wall treatments such as wallpaper, tile, brick, trim moldings, wainscot, or wooden panels. Bring the outside light in-store by using lightboxes as faux windows or landscapes.

What Are Tension Fabric Graphics with SEG?

All of our lightboxes are outfitted with SEG fabric, printed through dye sublimation. Dye sublimated graphics contain a high saturation of ink in a two-stage process to lock in the bold, vibrant colors and crisp lines. Dye sublimated fabric prints naturally diffuse light and does not reflect other lighting so there’s no surface glare. 

In addition, the SEG fabric prints stretch taut over the aluminum extrusions, providing a smooth, wrinkle-free graphic. Compared to traditional substrates such as paper, the fabric does not scratch or tear during shipping or installation, prolonging the quality and ensuring your graphics look pristine for the duration of use.

The Look Company: A Complete Solution Provider

The Look Company is a complete solution provider. We offer end-to-end in-house design, hardware manufacturing, printing, kitting, project management, and installation. Since we design and manufacture the extrusions in-house, we can produce custom graphic lightbox solutions to satisfy a range of any project requirements.

Our lightboxes utilize our award-winning printed fabric graphics and customizable modular frames and are available in a wide range of sizes to meet every need, from space-saving slim designs to seamless corner lightboxes. Contact us for the best ideas and applications of lightboxes for your retail environment.