Fabric Lightboxes Tell the Story Your Customers Want to Be a Part of

Fabric lightboxes are a great way to engage visitors and convert them into shoppers. Find out how to tell a brand story your customers want to be a part of.

What story does your brand tell? What picture does it conjure up in the minds of your potential customers and your brand's loyal fans?

The human brain is wired to pick up stories, relate them to our own experiences, and communicate them to others. Your brand's story creates a personality that your customers can relate to and deepens their connection with your brand. In fact, research by a Princeton neuropsychologist, Uri Hasson, suggests that a story activates certain parts of the brain so that a listener turns the story into their own idea and experience. 

We tend to think and perceive our daily life events in terms of narratives too. We spend a lot of time talking about personal stories or social gossip! A study by anthropologist Robin Dunbar showed that 65% of our speaking time is spent on social topics.

Why tell your story in visuals?

From the ancient art of cave painting to today's modern print industry, we have always found visuals evocative and compelling. 

Creating a visual narrative that pulls a visitor into experiencing the brand's story is an effective technique to turn visitors into consumers.

According to Dr. John Medina from brainrules.net, the human brain is more efficient at remembering a picture than a word. If you hear a piece of information, you may remember about 10% of it after three days. If you see an image depicting it, you will likely remember up to 65% of the information. Dr. Medina explains how our brain sees words as tiny pictures, and we have to identify specific features in the letters to read them. Visual imagery wins hands-down against text alone!

That is one of the reasons why we remember brand logos so well. Mnemonics like the 'apple' in the Apple logo or the Nike logo's tick mark are iconic because of their high recall value.

Visual imagery has a positive impact on brand awareness as well as recall.

Hunter Boots Retail Environment with Lightboxes

How we created an immersive in-store experience to breathe life into a brand's story

Hunter Boots is a 160-year-old brand specializing in all-terrain, waterproof footwear. The brand's personality is sporty, rugged, nature-loving, outdoorsy.

They envisioned an in-store space with bright, bold images of rugged terrain, unyielding conditions, and loyal fans who would brave the elements with their trusted Hunter Boots. Using a combination of nature-based wall panels depicting the Scottish Highlands and stunning sky imagery right across the ceiling, we created an immersive experience for their store visitors.

When visitors walk into the store, they are immersed in photographic-quality, vivid visuals that make them feel like they are already out in the wilderness. They experience the promise of the brand—without ever actually living that moment. 

When you immerse visitors in such an in-store ambiance, it puts them in the right mood and influences their purchasing decision.

Hunter Boots Retail Environment with Lightboxes

Fabric lightboxes: How we evoked a sense of the country within a modern retail space

Backlit panels and printed fabrics running seamlessly from walls to the ceiling turned the store into a modern canvas that painted a picture of an environment that heightened the product's brand value.

Working directly with the architects, the store design team, and the team at Hunter Boots, we created custom lightbox solutions with dye sublimation fabric prints for vibrant and rich color. The lightboxes eliminated unwanted shadows, keeping the images saturated and impactful. Overall, the retail space was immersed in imagery of the highlands, offering a backdrop for interactive product displays and highlighting key promotional messages. Large-format graphics on fabric and dye sublimation printing achieved a color spectrum beyond the limitations of a traditional paper substrate.

Hunter Boots Retail Environment with Lightboxes

Fabric Lightboxes for Bold, Illuminated, Attention-Grabbing Displays

TLC's new 50mm (2") custom size fabric lightbox is more functional than regular 100mm (4") frames. It is our thinnest lightbox, leaving more room for your product displays without cluttering up the aisles or floor space. 

No bulky extrusions, no heavy power consumption—dismantle them and ship them with ease. They are lightweight and easy to move around the store. Integrate them into modular display systems as shelving end-caps or on-the-wall features. 

Fabric lightboxes are a great way to engage visitors and convert them into shoppers. View our lightbox guide:

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