We're Back to Live Sports! Get Your Venue Ready with Signage and Display Graphics

TLC produces signage and display graphics for sports venues and an immersive fan experience—even in the new normal as we open up to fans.

Just as the COVID-19 pandemic took its toll on corporate houses worldwide, its impact struck the live sporting events industry like a lightning bolt. Social distancing and global shutdowns meant that live sports events could not take place—and even when sports made a comeback, letting capacity crowds into the stadium was unthinkable. And what's a game without fans to cheer on the players!

But now, we're opening up sports venues to fans—but the fans who are returning are different from the ones who attended such events before the pandemic.

The new fans think differently, have higher expectations of the experience that live sports can bring them. Those who return to live venues are making a conscious choice between safety and the fan experience.

Research by EFL shows that:

  • 91% of fans consider the atmosphere inside the stadium as important to them (compared to 79% who rate safety as being more important).

  • 84% of fans attend live sports events because they enjoy the stadium atmosphere and enjoy being with other fans.

  • 71% come because they enjoy everything about the live experience.

0Engaging Fans on Game-Day

Sports companies and event organizers need to rethink how they will engage the newly-returned fans and make the experience extra-special.

  • 59% of fans believed that creating memories was more important than winning, and a similar percentage believed it is important to support their favorite teams and athletes.

  • An interesting point to note is that only 41% of fans go directly into the stadium on arrival—the others visit sponsored areas like fan zones or the venue's F&B outlets like on-site restaurants, bars, and fan merchandise shops first.

A full-house makes for a fantastic game-day experience—with colorful banners, deafening cheers, fans sporting their favorite team's branded merchandise, a vibrant F&B area—it's what makes live sports events memorable!

0Venue Signage and Display Graphics

Signage and event graphics are an essential part of engaging fans and providing them with a memorable experience at the venue. Organizers can also use them to communicate the mandatory safety and hygiene requirements. Wayfinding signage will be of particular importance post-pandemic, to inform and direct traffic flow throughout the buildings and grounds. 

The Look Company offers products that complete the live sports experience:

1. Media Backdrops: For Picture-Perfect Broadcast Coverage

TLC uses matte fabrics for media backdrops to minimize flash reflection.

The stretch fabric ensures a crease-free look, while dye sublimation printing on high-resolution printers produces vibrant, photographic-quality graphic reproduction. A picture-perfect way to showcase media coverage of the event and your brand's story!

2. Freestanding Kiosks: The Power of Interactivity

Freestanding kiosks are ideal for outdoor events and live sports venues as venue staff can move them around quickly and easily between games. An integrated touch screen display and WiFi connectivity allow users to access information or ticketing without interacting with staff—a helpful technique during a pandemic.

3. Fence Scrim: Protection & Branding

Fence scrim are used in outdoor venues to connect venue sections or hide areas from view. Besides, they are a cost-effective way to display advertising. They offer prime branding opportunities for event sponsors or clubs. Used as barriers and perimeters, they are suitable for crowd-control and during a pandemic, you can modify them to create personal distancing and prevent overcrowding.

04. Floor Decals: Distancing Cues and Directional Signs

Floor decals can provide social distancing cues in high traffic areas such as stadium entrances, payment queues, and F&B outlets. These graphics are economical and have a high impact, making them ideal for signal directions or minimum distance indicators. Made of high-strength vinyl, they are durable and resistant to wear and tear.

05. Venue Banners and Information Stands: High Visibility & Portability

Banners flying high, flagpoles with team branding, weighted-base stands with key information about the venue, rules, safety guidelines or information about what's available on-venue and where. These banners are printed using dye sublimation ink, resulting in vibrant colors and seamless printing.

At TLC, we deliver an immersive experience for fans at live sports venues. For us, the safety of the fans, players, and staff is of utmost importance—and we design our products for just that!

Our experienced designers create custom venue solutions to meet your branding and messaging requirements. Are you ready to reopen live venues? Contact TLC for best-in-class display graphics and venue signage.