5 Ways to Drive Foot Traffic to your Fashion Showroom with Innovative Window & In-Store Displays

Fashion showrooms see increased foot traffic from innovative window and in-store displays. Here are some tips from The Look Company's visual design experts.

A walk down the high street in any modern town or city gives you a fair idea of the current fashion trends. Storefronts for fashion showrooms display the latest styles, with perfectly styled mannequins, eye-catching themes, and engaging graphics. 

Window displays are the brand's first visual contact with potential customers. Storefront displays or a quick glance at the look of the shop floor creates an impression about the brand in the shopper's mind. And remember that many times, these first impressions become lasting impressions!

But window displays are not only about aesthetics. They are a key element of retail marketing strategy. The objective is clear: to draw passersby into the store and convert them into customers.

Here are a few tips to increase in-store foot traffic with innovative window displays:

1. Know Your Customers' Style!

Want your brand to resonate with potential customers? First, get to know them well. Build a buyer persona, identify which products cater to their aspirations and style needs. Also, consider the store's location, your brand's story, and the seasonal products or promotions you want to display. Window displays that support the aspirations and preferences of their target audience are most successful in converting visitors to customers. Fashion-conscious shoppers opt for a brand that defines their sense of style, and they look for visual confirmation of that even before they step into fashion showrooms. 

"Identity is truth," says Faith Hope Consolo, Chairman of Douglas Elliman's Retail Group. "The brand is the aspiration the customer wants to buy; it's the core truth of the brand." 

Take a look at this photo gallery of a fashion accessories storefront display by The Look Company.

2. Weave an Inspiring Story Into Store Displays

Who doesn't love a good story! First, find a theme that will engage your target audience. Then create a focal point that will grab a shopper's attention. Use an eye-catching element or an attractive product at the focal point, so the shopper's attention lingers on long enough to take in the story. If you build an effective window display, shoppers will walk in to discover more about the brand. Seasonality is a big factor in fashion retail—so make sure your story and messaging are right for the season.

0At The Look Company, we weave your brand's story into displays with large-scale graphics, frames, and partitions to create a memorable retail experience that will keep shoppers coming back for more.

3. Find the Perfect Balance in Colors, Lighting, and Textures

Choose colors that go with your brand's look-and-feel, create a wow factor with innovative lighting that sets the right mood and use textures cleverly to add interest and depth to the displays within the fashion showrooms. 

For example, use TLC's fabric on-wall treatments for a high-impact display. Our dye sublimation prints create stunning, vibrant, photographic quality imagery to convey your brand's story. Complement these with our lightbox solutions for bold backlit colors that light up your window display and grab shoppers' attention.


4.  Don't Miss Out on the Accessories

Often, it's the accessories that define the style! They are head-turners and can tempt shoppers into the store. Who can resist a new scarf, tie or laptop bag even if they are not shopping for a new outfit!

Accessories are probably the only products that may be bought on impulse or as a result of a carefully thought-out style decision. In window displays, accessories provide a good reason for passersby to walk in. And once inside, the brand's sales staff is well-trained to entice walk-in customers to try out more stuff and increase the basket size.


5. Remember, Fashionistas Love Social Media

When you own a brick-and-mortar store of a fashion brand, you want it to be not just a storefront but a fashion destination! So, how instagrammable are your store’s displays? Studies show that around 50% of Instagram users follow fashion accounts and use them to find inspiration for their outfits. Fashion influencers share their newest look on Insta and become the source of inspiration to hordes of fashion-conscious fans! According to the Independent, Instagram is a vital sales channel for fashion brands

So go ahead—up the social quotient of your brand and tempt shoppers with selfie stations with your branding. After all, fashion divas deserve their moment of fame! It's a great way to popularize your brand, build a fanbase and make shoppers look forward to every new window display you create!

Reach out to TLC for display solutions and fixtures that make it easy to change out graphics and signages. Keep your window displays up-to-the-minute with The Look Company!