7 Must-Try Retail Display Ideas

The Look Company brings you 7 must-try retail display ideas and signage to drive foot traffic into your retail stores and increase revenue.

If there's one thing your retail store needs, it's footfall. After all, it's when customers walk in that you can sell to them! An effective retail display and signage is an important factor in driving footfall and eventually increasing revenue.  

How do you plan effective displays for conversion? We've put together 7 awesome ideas you must try for in-store displays:

1. Create an Immersive Environment

Are you selling a product? Or a story? A creative theme draws in visitors as they are intrigued and want to know the whole story. So go beyond the product and tell a story. 'Immerse' shoppers in an environment around a central theme related to your product line or brand. For example, if the theme is 'stay cool,' then the visuals, colors, lighting, and other elements you use in the displays must create the illusion of 'cool.' Transport the shoppers into a different world in which they experience the theme, the promise or the values the brand stands for.

Take a look here at how The Look Company created stunning in-store displays for some of the world's most respected retailers and brands, such as Samsung and Walmart.

2. Touch-and-Feel

People walk into brick-and-mortar retail outlets despite having the option to order products online—because they want to 'see' products, try them on or want to experience the look-and-feel before buying them. Let shoppers experience what it feels like to use the product. Make the product accessible, take it out from its packaging, keep it at eye-level and within reach. Use product demos, trials and DIY ideas to allow shoppers to experience the product using multiple senses. For example, if you're selling soap, let users see the soap bar without its outer packaging, so they can feel the texture, and smell the fragrance.

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3. Product Groupings

Arrange shelving units and retail display units so that you can group up synergistic products. Create a logic or story as to how a shopper proceeds from one section to the other. Accessories go with clothing. Stationery goes with books, and mattresses go with bedroom furniture.

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Pop-up stores are a popular trend now, with synergistic brands setting up temporary, modular displays within big box retail stores or inside stores selling complementary product categories.

4. Informative Signage

Are your window displays attracting passers-by and encouraging them to step into your store? Curbside signage is a great way to lead shoppers inside.

Next, incorporate rich information into your in-store displays. Engage shoppers in a bit of history, maybe, or a story as they move around your store. Give them information that goes a little beyond selling. Use creative signage that leads them through the store—remember, the more time shoppers spend on the shop floor, the higher the store's revenue! Read about how we created a store signage and display solution for Walmart Canada.

5. Light It Up!

Are your retail store displays visually engaging? Visuals are critical for retail. Researchers have found that our sense of sight processes over 83% of information. Creative lighting is visually attractive and draws attention to a particular product line or store area. It can change the mood or ambiance and help you lead shoppers to specific areas of the store. Use backlit displays and illuminated signage to accentuate promotions and new product launches. TLC's custom-designed fabric lightboxes are a great way to use lighting to highlight the brand or a specific product.

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6. Flexibility and Adaptability

Freshness is the name of the game! Are you keeping your storefront fresh and updated for seasonal changes, new promotions and changing customer needs? TLC's custom-designed fixtures allow easy changeability for graphics. Our modular retail display systems will give you the flexibility to scale your displays up or down as needed. We use permanent fixtures and change only the signage or graphics—this way, you can update the look of your store without disrupting the shop floor.

7. Go Phygital With Omnichannel Retail Experiences

Embed technology into your physical displays. Integrate digital screens within graphic displays and encourage shoppers to interact with the displays using their smartphones. Online product catalogues, product information, and reviews are all valuable for conversion. They extend the in-store experience and let shoppers carry on their interactions with your brand long after they leave the store.

Display solutions from The Look Company create rich, engaging in-store experiences. Talk to us for modular displays for pop-up stores, visually stunning lightboxes, and immersive displays that pull in customers to your retail store and keep them coming back for more!