Large Format Retail

Visual Engagement Solutions For Big Box Stores.

Retail Visual Engagement Solutions That Work

We offer a wide selection of innovative visual engagement solutions for grocery and large format retail applications:


Lightboxes are an effective way to engage customers. We offer a wide range of lightbox solutions all produced to custom sizes and shapes with a variety of hanging, wall-mounted, or self-standing options:
  • 50mm (2”) One-sided, Backlit
  • 75mm (3”) One-sided, Backlit
  • 100mm (4”) One-sided, Perimeter Lit
  • 100mm (4”) One-sided, Backlit
  • 120mm (4.5”) Two-sided, Perimeter Lit
  • Lightbox Corner, Pillars and Halos
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    Wall-Mounted Graphic Treatment & Signage

    A low-profile frame anchored directly to the wall surface provides a versatile graphic system that can be constructed to any shape and size. Half-wall to full-wall treatments or top-of-shelf runners can be easily anchored to the wall in any size with printed fabric graphics to communicate product information or reinforce your brand’s message.

    Wayfinding & Departmental Signage

    Our extrusion systems are adaptable to create not only wall and floor-mounted pieces, but can also be used to form ceiling hung identification and directional wayfinding signs. Using our lightweight frame and fabric system, displays can be large-scale and hung by standard cables along ceiling rafters. Built-in fasteners provide precise leveling for future adjustments.

    Integrated Fixtures

    Working with existing fixtures, we can retrofit units to accommodate seamless fit graphics that are integrated within stand-alone product display hardware. Extend your messaging above fixtures with fins, toppers, or custom projecting extrusions. We offer an assortment of brackets that can be mounted to most industry fixture systems.

    Modular Display Systems

    The modular display system can be constructed into any configuration to create a custom graphic display system. Utilize anodized or custom colored powder-coated frames, module connectors, and printed fabric graphics, for unlimited design flexibility. Use our lightweight modular system as a cost-effective solution to enclose ceiling space with continuous graphics for wayfinding or to enhance the store’s brand environment.

    Custom Product Displays, Kiosks & Pop-Ups

    Custom product display systems combine modular frames and fabric graphics to build free-standing units, kiosks, and pop-ups. Completely customizable with unlimited design flexibility to include lit, non-lit or digital components, these standalone structures can be temporary, portable, and adjustable.
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