FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™

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Branding the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™

Case Study

The FIFA World Cup is the most popular and most-watched sporting event in the world. This year’s tournament in Qatar reached over 5 billion views globally. The Look Company Qatar played a significant role in the branding and overall look of the competition for every dedicated fan who attended the event or took in the excitement at home.

The Solutions

In total, over 905,000 square meters of branded elements were printed and installed, meeting FIFA’s meticulous branding specifications and timelines. The Look Company delivered stadium dressings for the 8 main venues, 108 non-competition venues and even the team’s fleets of buses. Throughout the city, 87 km of fence scrim, 21,693 street banners and 3,300 flags were installed to aesthetically streamline the entire competition for the ultimate sports experience for fans, teams and sponsors.

Stadium Branding

Through previous experience working with the stadiums in Qatar, The Look Company applied their knowledge and expertise to dress the eight main venues used for the competition games:
  • Stadium 974
  • Al Bayt Stadium
  • Al Janoub Stadium
  • Ahmad bin Ali Stadium
  • Khalifa International Stadium
  • Al Thumama Stadium
  • Lusail Stadium
  • Education City Stadium
  • Interior Stadium Branding

    Interior branding was applied to the field-of-play, VIP suites, media centers, team operations, locker rooms and concourses throughout the stadium. Interior directional wayfinding systems were customized to suit the distinct architectural features of each facility.

    For the 32 visiting teams, the players’ journey was branded cohesively from the moment they stepped onto their branded buses to when they entered the field. Concourses, player tunnels, change rooms, and vomitories were all dressed with the FIFA visual designs.
    FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Final Dressing Room
    FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Player Dressing Room

    Exterior Stadium Branding

    Outside of the stadiums, high-impact branding was applied to all available landscape and architecture. Visually engaging graphics were installed to building facades, cable bridges, fences, and lamp posts to complete the stadium hoarding, city pageantry and fan environments throughout Doha.

    Signage & Wayfinding

    1000 branded signage and temporary wayfinding structures were installed throughout the city and venues to help guide fans to their destinations quickly and efficiently.
    Al Thrumama Stadium Wayfinding FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022
    Al Thrumama Stadium Wayfinding FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

    Street Banners & Flags

    Nearly 21,693 street banners were rolled-out with quick-change hardware systems that adapted to existing city light-pole standards in prominent high-traffic streets across Doha. Event, brand, and sponsorship awareness was established as colorways which led spectators and the public to and from venues. Around 3,300 banner flags were installed on new wind-tracking RFT flagpoles for areas that did not have street poles.
    FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Street Banners and Flags
    FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Street Banners and Flags

    Non-Competition Venues

    The Look Company’s custom-built, modular, and portable branding hardware was used to dress up over 108 non-competition venues such as hotels, conference rooms, exhibition spaces, airports, media rooms, training grounds, and other locations all around the city.

    Fleet Branding

    The Look Company branded a large fleet of buses and vehicles with high-quality decals featuring vibrant graphics. To help gain exposure for the event and the national teams participating, nearly 151 buses and vehicles were branded showcasing FIFA visual elements as well as national flags for each country representing the event.
    For the grand final match, The Look Company had a team of branding experts on site, ready to execute custom branding to commemorate the champions of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™.    
    FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Branding and Signage
    FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Branding and Signage
    FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Branding and Signage
    FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Branding and Signage

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