2024 Retail Trends that will Define the In-Store Experience

What 2024 retail trends will inspire memorable shopping experiences? We’re excited to enter the new year with fresh ideas and solutions for retailers.

What are some of the 2024 retail design trends that will be top of mind for retailers going into 2024?

We’ve compiled a list of trends making their way into retail store design this year. Here are our top picks that will be shaping the retail landscape throughout 2024:

  1. Simplifying the Retail Landscape

  2. Going Beyond with Experiential Retail

  3. Adaptive Store Layouts

  4. Notable Interior Trends

Along with this year’s trends, popular 2023 retail trends will remain relevant in 2024. Check out last year’s trends: omnichannel solutions, store within a store (SWAS), and environmentally responsible retail remain top priorities.

2024 Retail Trends: Simplifying the Retail Landscape

Retailers are looking for visual engagement solutions that are focused on store aesthetics.

Shoppers are more and more comparing their in-store experience with what they see online. Retailers are taking note of basic design principles used on websites and apps, streamlining their environments. For example, large perimeter wrapping wall graphics mimic graphic-led websites and hero images, hanging departmental signs identify how to navigate stores like menu items and button links.

From designing their signage systems with basic design elements from their brand, reducing visual clutter by varying the placement or using concise messaging, stores are giving customers breathing room to fully engage throughout their visit.

Reflecting on how information is built into communications, stores are scaling back on product inventory and their printed messaging in order to simplify the retail experience. 

This coincides with a larger trend to streamline the amount of inventory on the floor. Cutting back on in-store stock allows for more interaction and space for shoppers to explore. Easy access to additional products online through embedded QR codes or branded apps allow retailers to accommodate different preferences available outside of the store.

2024 Retail Trends: Going Beyond Online with Experiential Retail

Shopper personalization is coming to the forefront of retail strategy. 

Stores are looking for ways to build upon their brand’s reputations by offering personalized in-store experiences complementary to what they can provide through learned shopping behavior from data collection and AI technology.

Experiential retail such as larger than life brand activations, specialized events, brand partnerships attract customers to visit and engage at brick and mortar stores.

For example, Fit2run stores offer in-store custom evaluations for pairing runners with the best fit, including a foot scan for placement, gait and body position analysis using video, technologies, and trained experts. This personalized retail experience draws in shoppers and helps them get what they want and need. A complementary experience can be found through their website shoppers can also use their “fit finder”, a quick survey styled menu which identifies shoppers’ needs before recommending products. 

Whether a shopper prefers DIY online recommendations or having a one-on-one with store personnel, brands can create similar touchpoints to connect with shoppers and provide a personalized experience.

2024 Retail Trends: Adaptive Store Layouts

To further accommodate customers’ changing interests and attention, some retailers are seeking a way to change their stores into multifunctional spaces by using flexible store display elements that can be changed easily. 

By focusing on the evolution of a store into a multipurpose environment, retailers can expand their in-store experience and value and attract a broader audience. 

With adaptable modular fixtures, retail space can be transformed from product-centric displays to experiential events like art exhibitions, live music, workshops or demonstrations. This is especially valuable to furniture or home goods stores, department stores and hardware stores. 

Whether it’s to focus on seasonality changes, launch new products, or announce co-branded events or promotions, reconfigurable modular displays and pop-ups succeed in engaging shoppers when they are integrated into retail environments.

2024 Retail Trends: Notable Interior Design Trends for Retail


From an interior design perspective, it’s important to note biophilic design trends are becoming increasingly prevalent. Some designs include the replication of textures, patterns and colors from the environment and outdoors including natural wood grain, concrete, stone and limewash. These textures can be reproduced utilizing dye sublimated fabric prints and used in a variety of applications throughout the store.


Out of the box solutions are falling to the wayside. Retailers want visual engagement solutions that fit their design vision. Custom display systems, lit and non-lit circles and shapes, layering of SEG fabric and textiles, laser cut out patterns, or 3D lettering and signage, go above and beyond what has been traditionally available.

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