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Project Summary



    Produced and delivered 70,000 hardware frames.

    Printed Fabric

    Printed 2,800,000 sq. ft of printed graphics on fabric.

The Ask

Mattress Firm required a retail display system to provide a uniform look and feel within their showrooms and to enhance the store-level experience and increase in-store engagement, Mattress Firm wanted a future-proof solution that could be reconfigured with the evolving store layout and inventory. Additionally, they wanted the ability for the system to be easily installed and for in-store staff to update branded graphics in a simple, timely manner.

The Solutions

Our Solution

The Look Company provided a modular display system that was adaptable to their changing needs based on seasonality and supplier promotions. Self-standing product displays, on-the-wall frame displays, lightboxes, ceiling hung frames, wall mount and self-standing accessory shelves provided a framework for which the graphics could be easily updated by in-store staff.

Printed fabric graphics, digital screens or backlit engagement were applied to the frames depending on the intended application within the store. Because of the adaptability of the display structures, in-store staff were able to modify the store layout depending on their inventory levels or visual merchandising goals.

Over the course of five months, The Look Company produced and delivered 70,000 hardware frames and printed 2,800,000 sq. ft. of printed graphics on fabric.

End Results

The Value Add

The modular display system included parts that are easily changed and reconstructed based on the store design concept. The nature of the display components allow for multiple uses and increased functionality. Current & relevant images for future in-store campaigns and promotions can be swapped out with ease.

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