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Transformative Interiors

Transformative Interiors

Case Study

Holt Renfrew is a group of seven prestigious retail stores across Canada specializing in the world’s top fashion and beauty brands. Holt Renfrew stores are located in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver. All of their retail spaces are designed and curated with their respective customers in mind, each with their own character and distinction, delivering a truly unique retail experience.

The Montreal location recently underwent a rebranding and renovation to amalgamate the iconic Ogilvy department store location with the Holt Renfrew brand. Building on a rich history of an unparalleled customer experience and a store within a store retail format, the newly envisioned Holt Renfrew Ogilvy location opened in 2020.

The Ask

The team at Holt Renfrew were looking for a flexible solution to help define their 5th floor. The open-floor concept space consists of structural pillars throughout the 4,700 square feet level, with five adjoining suites just off of the main hall used for personal shopping and private events.

Ideally the solution for the 5th floor needed to be reconfigurable for featured events and VIP exclusive experiences, with removable frames and fabric panels that could be changed out depending on the event.

The Solutions

Our Solution

The Look Company surveyed the space and architectural layout of the 5th floor to determine the best solution that was flexible to their changing needs and would integrally work with the structural columns.

Four custom-sized SEG fabric panels were produced to fit between 22 columns and were printed in a neutral grey colour that can be easily changed out with printed graphics. Each frame can hold double-sided fabric prints, totaling 44 panels altogether.

Different graphics can be fixed to either side of the frame or swapped in or out with images from high-end suppliers and brands. Custom hardware to anchor the frames between the structural pillars, along with raised feet for the bottom of the frames, were designed to match the high-end fashion look and feel of the store.

End Results

The Value Add

Depending on the event, whether it was intended for fashion shows, product launches, exclusive events, exhibitions, or store-in-store opportunities, the panels can be changed out or reconfigured to redefine the space on the 5th floor open concept room.

The versatility of the wall configuration allows the staff and event planners at Holt Renfrew Ogilvy to create temporary rooms or direct customer traffic flow throughout the space and to the adjoining suites.

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