How to Integrate Elements of Online Shopping into Your Furniture Brand Gallery

How Can You Integrate the Elements Online Shopping and eCommerce Into Your Retail Brand Gallery? Read More From The Look Company

The desire to acquire goods and services hasn’t diminished, but options as to where, when, or how a consumer can shop have changed dramatically. Take into consideration the recent shift in consumer behavior driving online sales. As a furniture manufacturer, in order to maintain demand for your brand, it’s imperative that you get in front of your customers, however you can. 

As customers are becoming increasingly accustomed to online shopping, what can the future hold for brick and mortar stores?

Combining the positive aspects of eCommerce with the familial conditions of a physical store, you can give your customers options to choose to shop how and when they want. 

An omnichannel shopping experience combines a digital and physical presence to help keep your brand top-of-mind and provide ample opportunity for consumers to interact with your brand either online or in a retail setting.

Create a unique in-store experience that matches your online shopping experience.

If you are looking for new ways to connect with potential customers, it’s imperative to open up channels to engage and nurture sales. You can get your brand noticed in showrooms or other temporary environments by partnering with retailers. Pop-up stores or product galleries within a physical store introduce your brand to new customers and provide them with tangible insights to make informed purchases. 

To contend with physical distancing protocol and online channels, retailers may be reducing the amount of product housed in-store to maximize space and improve the customers’ shopping experience. Incorporating more digital processes, dropshipping strategies, or in-store immersive brand experiences will tailor towards those customers regularly making purchases online, as well as those who prefer in-store shopping. 

By placing your merchandise in well-designed and visually appealing retail displays, you will increase brand awareness and appeal to your customers through their established online purchasing habits.

Physical locations fuel online growth and brand awareness.

Combine the best of both worlds with a brick and mortar location as well as online eCommerce. Integrating physical elements with digital capabilities enhance the shopping experience by giving the customer preference in how they take in information and ultimately make purchase decisions. 

Provide them with the options to browse, interact with your furniture, read reviews, and customize their order with a system that includes:

  • Lightboxes

  • SEG extrusion frames

  • Integrated digital content, and; 

  • Reconfigurable modular partitions

With a turn-key, all-in-one modular brand display from The Look Company, effortlessly showcase your brand and products within physical stores. Our displays include high-definition tension fabric prints and durable frames that are easily set up, reconfigurable, and reusable. Our in-house production team can manage large capacity print runs, kitting, and quality assurance so you can be confident that quality and brand standards will be fulfilled across multiple store locations.

The Look Company transforms retail environments by delivering innovative graphic systems in a wide range of applications. Our retail solutions focus around best-in-class, lightweight, reusable aluminum extrusions, and award-winning fabric prints with silicone edge graphics or SEG. Customized for retail, this system allows The LOOK Company to produce a large volume and a diverse range of products. Contact us for a solution for your retail business.