How to Easily Refresh Your Furniture Showroom Design

How To Easily Refresh Your Retail Furniture Showroom Interior Design Using Stylish Turnkey Elements From The Look Company

Keeping up with current interior design trends can be challenging, especially when constructing your furniture showroom or store layout using traditional building techniques and materials. 

Instead of permanent displays, a turnkey showroom system can replicate professional carpentry and interior finishes without the large price tag. Room partitions made up of portable, easy to configure frames and changeable graphics can transform your space with minimal disruption to your business. Flexible merchandising components give you the opportunity to:

  • Showcase products with interior décor features that are on trend 

  • Update the graphic panels to suit your back s when you move it to the showroom floor

  • Easily store panels to use again

  • Modify your layout with versatile reconfigured frames

  • Highlight brands with sponsored galleries

  • Create a dynamic focal point with immersive sight lines

In this post, we’ll look at some fresh ideas that can reinvigorate your furniture showroom.

What is Visual Merchandising, and Why Does it Matter?

Visual merchandising is the art of creating exterior, interior, layout, or display spaces that will engage traffic and drive your overall sales. Staging your product strategically in impactful displays can help customers connect and visualize themselves with your inventory.

When you can change the style of your store, it keeps your customers’ interest at a peak level. For a furniture showroom, adding or taking away temporary or seasonal graphics, short term sponsored areas or promotions can add value to your overall sales strategy. Focusing on key areas like exterior facing window displays, store layout, dynamic store interiors, and flexible product displays will help you achieve the results you desire.

Designing Your Store Exterior

Bring the wow factor to your front display windows or exterior façade, and make a statement to your potential customers before they enter your store. The front façade can be the most important factor in reaching out to new customers and invigorating the interest of your current ones. Easily changeable graphics, built in frames or interactive mobile systems can be what you need to update this vital real estate quickly and with minimal resources.

Planning Your Store Layout

When designing your store layout, what is your short term solution following a sale? If products have left the showroom floor, you need to reconfigure your space efficiently and quickly. In order to accommodate different products that are introduced to your layout, look at using lightweight and versatile elements that are complementary to the products you’re trying to sell. Modular partitions with silicone edge graphics (SEG) can be assembled as a half-wall treatment or product backdrop on a whim.

Creating A Dynamic Store Interior

Displaying furniture in vignettes engages customers by allowing them to visualize how the products will look in their home. Grouping items by their functionality or style with coordinating lamps or tables can be further harmonized with an accent wall, floor treatments, and lighting. Use lightboxes configured on a wall to give the illusion of windows with a view of a cityscape, a lakeside retreat, or country homestead. Ceiling mounted frames can give the appearance of a starlit sky or a bright sunny day. Use modular partitions to cap bulkheads to depict exposed ceiling beams.  

0Retail Furniture Showroom Design Concepts

Building Flexible Product Displays

If you’re using standard product display units or existing millwork, you may think you’re limited to how you can add graphic elements. No more! Start designing your product displays without limits. Modular displays can be reconfigured to suit your merchandising vision and reused or stored for future designs. If you need a custom solution, partner with a supplier who can see a whole project through, from start to finish, and provide recommendations or engineer new solutions to suit your needs.

Upgrade Your Retail Furniture Showroom Today

If you’re juggling décor concepts ranging from contemporary, arts & crafts or rustic to showcase your furniture products, you need a solution that can be applied to any style. Using permanent fixtures such as framed walls, masonry, paint or wallpaper to style a room, can be costly to keep up-to-date, and require your store to be closed to customers as you build new displays. Innovative retail environments that have more flexibility are better suited to creativity, ingenuity, and achieving retail sales targets.

The Look Company transforms retail environments by delivering innovative graphic systems in a wide range of applications. Our retail solutions focus around best-in-class, lightweight, reusable aluminum extrusions and award-winning fabric prints with silicone edge graphics or SEG. Customized for retail, this system allows The LOOK Company to produce a large volume and a diverse range of solutions. Contact us for a solution for your retail business.