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Dye Sublimation: The Science of Fabric Printing

Dye sublimation fabric printing is simple and quick compared to analog printing techniques such as screen printing and traditional offset printing. Find out more!

5 Ways to Create Visual Impact & Engagement with Retail Signage

Find out how TLC's creative visual engagement solutions, use of retail signage and shop front graphic displays creates visual impact to draw in customers.

How Visual Displays Help Car Dealerships Enhance the Buyer Experience

Car dealerships drive more sales, enhance customer experience, and reinforce quality perceptions with visually engaging showroom designs. Find out more.

How Creative In-Store Supermarket Display Solutions Increase Revenue

Use well-placed product promotions and displays to inspire shoppers & give them inspiration to buy! Read more about supermarket in-store display solutions.

We're Back to Live Sports! Get Your Venue Ready with Signage and Display Graphics

TLC produces signage and display graphics for sports venues and an immersive fan experience—even in the new normal as we open up to fans.

5 Ways to Drive Foot Traffic to your Fashion Showroom with Innovative Window & In-Store Displays

Fashion showrooms see increased foot traffic from innovative window and in-store displays. Here are some tips from The Look Company's visual design experts.

Window Displays: Your Store’s First Impression for Walk-in Shoppers

Window displays spark curiosity and get passersby to walk into the store and even influence purchase decisions. Read more from The Look Company.

7 Must-Try Retail Display Ideas

The Look Company brings you 7 must-try retail display ideas and signage to drive footfall into your retail stores and increase revenue.

Furniture Showroom Display Ideas to Improve the In-Store Experience

A furniture showroom requires the creative use of color, lighting, and modular layouts to stimulate memorable experiences for customers. Find out how!

How Pop-up Stores Create a Win-Win for Retailers and Brands

Pop-up stores within larger retail environments are a win-win for retailers and brands. Create a better brand experience for your customers.

Fabric Lightboxes Tell the Story Your Customers Want to Be a Part of

Fabric lightboxes are a great way to engage visitors and convert them into shoppers. Find out how to tell a brand story your customers want to be a part of.

Types of Lightboxes & Where You Should Use Them

Lightboxes in retail environments catch the attention of customers and highlight featured products and brands. Light up your brand with lightboxes!