The Look Company @ Store 2017



Top 3 Things We Took Away from Store 2017


The Store 2017 conference produced and managed by The Retail Council of Canada was an exceptional experience and provided us some valuable insight into the current and upcoming trends of the Canadian retail landscape.


CX IS WHERE IT’S AT – The customer experience is paramount. We’ve moved away from a simple store model, and are moving toward a homogeneous mix of marketing across all touch points. From digital-to-brick and everything in between, the customer has to receive a consistent story.

DON’T MISS ONLINE – Online stores vs. bricks and mortar locations are no longer separate. In fact, online stores must work hand-in-hand with brick and mortar locations to co-ordinate customer pickup, check in-store inventory or, vice versa, order online while testing in-store.

CONVENIENCE AS AN EXPERIENCE – The retailers that are nailing it are doing so not only because of incredible CX, but also a well thought-out, strategic approach to convenience for the customer. From something so simple as pre-paying international tariff’s on online checkouts, to knowing that each in-store and digital product has an effective and truly hassle-free return policy, incremental improvements to convenience are becoming a stricter standard.


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