Update Your Store Quickly With Graphic Changeouts

Easily prepare your store for the upcoming shopping season with graphic changeouts. Exceptional quality silicone edge graphics from The Look Company can be used in your existing frame systems as a cost effective solution to quickly adapt your retail environment for seasonal changes.

A cohesive retail merchandising design immerses your customers and creates an environment they want to come back to again and again. Combining elements of your brand, promotions and seasonal touches with large scale fabric dye sublimation prints can be refreshed with a simple graphic changeouts, improving your customers’ retail experience with very little disruption to the store.

In today’s market, it’s imperative to make an impact with bold colours, light and high-resolution images in a short span of time. Award-winning quality prints are at your fingertips and available for easy and efficient updates to your retail design. Customers are looking to be immersed in an engaging retail experience, do you have the wow-factor to bring them back to your store?

You have a vision, let us help you get there.

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Our projects are completed from start to finish under one roof.
We design, engineer, and build integrated solutions.


This low profile frame is the “go to” for a sleek on-wall graphic system that is easy to install. Our low profile frame can be anchored directly to the wall surface, or placed on wall cleats, which also allows for the placement of a different sized frame.


Lightboxes are an effective way to drive attention to retail storefronts, key areas within a store, or along mall concourses and guest relation areas. Highlight and distinguish key areas within your space and drive greater visual engagement.


Wall treatments are a pivotal signage component for everything ranging from big box to boutique retail stores. Having visually impactful graphics is the quintessential ingredient in forming your branded space.


We work with store fixture suppliers to provide you with seamlessly fit graphic that are integrated with the displays prior to shipment to ensure best-in-class visuals. Alternatively, the integration of graphic print hardware can be accomplished in-store for existing assets.


Designed to create easy-to-build walls, partitions and displays, the LookWareTM Modular System seamlessly slides together and can be developed to create your dream environment. Kits are
shipped ready to assemble easily on-site, with no specialty tools or training.


Our extrusion systems are adaptable to create not only wall and floor mounted pieces, but can also be used to form ceiling hung and wayfinding elements within your retail environment.

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to build unique and innovative brand experiences.
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