On-Wall Treatments for Graphics

Fabric on-wall treatments by The Look Company are designed to provide maximum exposure for your brand. It’s the perfect choice to embellish your retail establishment. Create a dynamic, high-impact way to communicate the message you want to share with your customers. Our on-wall treatments provide a low-cost decor solution for your retail environment.

Instantly transform the look and feel of any space as often as you want with low-cost fabric graphics. We created solutions that are large-scale and unique, from full-wall murals, to above-the-shelf runners to pillar wraps. Our products maximize in-store exposure and create a unique and engaging environment.

On-wall treatments, dye sublimation prints on fabric substrate, are the most cost effective way to change the look and feel of a retail space. Deliver a truly life-like experience, either as in-store branding or as a vendor sponsored promotion. The change to your retail wall will be dynamic.