Mobile Engagement | Interactive Systems

Mobile engagement solutions by The Look Company integrates technology into our graphic prints and displays. Using NFC tap, QR Codes and Bluetooth beacons make any display interactive – on the customer’s smartphone.

We help enhance your customers interactive experience and access to web content throughout the retail environment. Encourage your customers to “tap” on the display to find out more information, download a coupon, or activate a loyalty program. Whatever can be communicated to a mobile device can be distributed through a Look retail display system.

The value behind mobile integration is that it sets your in-store experience apart. It encourages interaction with brand and content, and engages shoppers by providing high value product information. Ultimately, mobile engagement solutions convert shoppers into buyers and solidifies brand loyalty.

In-store mobile engagement, continues the conversation. Your customer’s journey is stimulated increasing brand recall and enhancing the in-store experience right to conversion.