LookConnex is an on-line suite of tools developed by The Look Company to allow our customers full control of their graphic assets from artwork approval, to final installation.

LookConnex allows you to:

  • Artwork proofing, approval and management
  • Resource library & installation instruction database
  • Display Asset Management, complete with Mobile App that allows you to track the installation of fabric graphics and frames to assure brand compliance, execution compliance and 100% fulfillment.

The results are an frictionless, easy and intuitive experience in dealing with The Look Company.

The Results
  • An online portal that allows clients to visually inspect their artwork, create notes and annotations for changes, and approve for production.
  • A resource database that allows our clients to have access to information 24/7.
  • Create a database of visuals that allow our clients to interact and gain perspective on all asset deployment.
  • Provides client management with the ability to align in-store merchandising with out-of-store advertisement campaigns.
  • Provides an audit capability to assure compliance with brand guidelines and in-store execution of marketing plans.