Queen’s University Athletics Stadium Branding


The Queen's University branding of the Athletics stadium.


The Sport division of The Look Company successfully completed one of its first University Sport facility programs with the scoping, design and installation of full coverage grpahics and pageantry solutions.


Queens University needed to revamp and reinvigorate their brand and image. The football club is an important draw and vehicle for many looking to progress to the CFL. As such, the importance of showcasing the Football and Athletics department as being a leader in the Canadian market was paramount, and results indirectly in prospective student admissions and enrollment. Queen’s University Athletics needed a Canadian company that they could trust to enable a full turn key solution and guide them down the correct development path.


The stakes to get the graphic program right were high. The athletics program has a concise budget to work within, and an end goal of the brand, look and feel. The Look Company was a perfect local partner with the track record of developing specific stadium treatments and design. Through careful vetting, budget considerations and project comparisons, we were able to develop a Kit-of-Part program tailored and fit specifically to The Queen’s U Athletics department need.


The resulting branding encompassed the field-of-play, concourse/seating areas and entrance ways. The Look Company delivered a healthy mixed of fixed graphic assets as well as flag and banner systems to help promote visibility and team patronage. See the overall team experience for yourself in the gallery below.