Case Study: Innovative Solutions for Walmart Canada

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Walmart Canada Retail Brand Experience FESPA Bronze 2020

The Ask

Walmart was in need of flexible signage and display units that could be modified to fit a variety of spacial restrictions while providing a superior look and messaging. The signage needed to be easily changed to accommodate seasonal and brand promotions by in-store staff at the store level, without the need for specialized staff or tools. Additionally, they preferred a solution that could be quickly executed and scalable.

The Solutions

End Cap Lightboxes – End cap lightboxes easily fitted onto existing standards using fasteners on the rear of the unit. Lightboxes feature a proprietary lens, light, and frame design to provide optimal consistency across the print and a true long-term output without fading or light discoloration.

In-Aisle Lightboxes – Internal industrial design staff and engineers worked with existing fixtures to create customized mounting solutions. The benefit of the in-aisle lightboxes is
their ability to rise above the store fixtures to provide a clear line-of-site, allowing customers to easily identify areas within the fashion section and to find products.

Hanging Displays – Using a lightweight proprietary frame and fabric system allowed displays to be extremely large while still being hung by standard cables along ceiling rafters. Built-in fasteners provided precise leveling and future adjustments.

Feature Product Displays – Feature product displays elevated on-the-wall branding and exchangeable product and price information. The branded fabric display was mounted to the wall or hung from the ceiling for required updates from ground level using the supplied pole to raise the graphic into place.

On-The-Wall Displays – On-the-wall displays were brand large areas of walls along shelves or above merchandise. Using a lightweight frame and a large run of fabric, on-the-wall displays provided a continuous brand image and message.

FESPA Bronze Winner: Walmart Canada Displays

This store branding project for Walmart Canada involved the production of over 850 stretch fabric frames. Utilizing our modular extrusion system, we were able to configure custom display elements such as self check-out areas. The printed fabric graphics were finished with a rubber perimeter so that they could be easily inserted into the frame display structure. Thank you Walmart Canada for this opportunity.

Gerry Price, CEO & President The Look Company North America accepted the award for Walmart Canada Displays. “Such opportunities to push the limits of what is possible in fabric printing would not be possible without the fantastic projects our clients provide us and the confidence they have in our ability to take on large, technically challenging jobs” stated Gerry Price.


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