At any major international sporting event, the “Look of the Games” is vital. Every Olympics develops its own mascot, graphics standards, and even typeface. Cities and stadiums and roadways are “dressed” for the occasion. Wayfinding plans are developed to help people find their way around the venues. And in many cases, the “Look of the Games” is implemented by The Look Company.

With factories and installation crews in Canada and the Middle East, The Look Company services events worldwide. From the 2005 Asian Games to the Vancouver Olympics; from the Toronto Pan Am Games to Hamilton’s Tim Hortons Stadium and Regina’s Mosaic Stadium, home of the Roughriders, The Look Company delivers multi-million dollar projects time and time again

Along the way, we have developed skills in site measurement, inspection, scanning and GIS technology that we use to design and deliver these projects, and now offer these same level of services to Municipalities.