Solar FlagTrax Street Banner Systems – The Future of Pageantry & Outdoor Branding


The Look Company and the City of Barrie set out to build a street banner program to help support Canada’s 150th anniversary utilizing the newly developed Solar FLAGTRAX™ Banner system, designed and produced exclusively by the Look Company. With over 150 of the FLAGTRAX™ deployed through the city within 1 week, The Look Company was able to create an enriched lake shore drive and create a fully branded destination.

We understand that destinations, from cities, to sport venues, to malls benefit from a total (indoor and out) branding experience, and designed a solution to better engage pedestrian traffic in a safer, economical solution.

It’s the part of the consumer journey that sets the tone of what to expect.

FIrst we need to understand what outdoor pageantry and street banner systems should do for owners, as this is the premise behind the hardware design:

  • Provide a revenue source for the ‘banner hardware’ owners
  • Help to drive awareness on a community level
  • Continuous change outs drive attention, in fact we found street banners can return an 1/3 greater ROI in terms of visibility and frequency than newspapers
  • Effectively brand the exterior of any venue, driving attention and building awareness

Solar FLAGTRAX ™ banner systems are a new and innovative solution, designed by The Look Company for use for on-street applications, venues and retail centers.   What are the benefits over traditional banner systems?

ONE TIME HARDWARE INSTALLATION – and then you’re set. Using a bucket truck, installers take an average of 10 minutes to implement one set of hardware, that’s an average banner change out to install an entire system!

THEY’RE SOLAR – and cast light down onto the banner after hours.  They fully recharge independent of any power source with the included solar panels

BANNERS ARE EASY TO INSTALL – with no need for a bucket truck.  Just slide the banner up the track and lock in place with the special fastener.  Install is cut to 15 seconds and anyone can do it.  No special lift truck, no stopped traffic, no risk of injury.

BANNERS ARE EASY TO CHANGE – since the banners just slide back out with zero hassle.

Check out the video of our most recent installation for Canada 150!